Why You Should Finance Forestry Equipment?

When it comes time to buy new forestry equipment, or upgrade your existing equipment, financing can play a huge role in giving you both peace of mind, and a structured plan that you can keep close track of. This is great for the growth of your business, your balance sheet, and the reduction of your upfront costs.

Forestry equipment can be quite pricey, which is why financing is such an attractive option for business both large and small, new and established. Some of the best reasons for financing forestry equipment include the following.


Depending on how many years your business has been in operation, your credit score and your projected revenues, you can customize a flexible financing plan for your next purchase which takes the guesswork out of the process. There are always options available to you that guarantee you’ll be able to purchase excellent equipment at a fair price. By customizing the finance plan, you can spread your payments out according to your budget and projected growth forecasts.


Forestry is a labor-intensive process that puts a large amount of wear and tear on the equipment. Maintenance and repairs will be necessary as time goes on. Depending on the lifespan of the equipment, it may be better to alter your financial agreement to upgrade to new equipment, rather than spend money fixing outdated items. A good financing plan offers the freedom to choose which is best for your company, giving you a future-proofing option that you simply don’t have when buying outright.


The biggest advantage in financing forestry equipment is knowing exactly what you’re going to pay over the course of an extended period. This effectively sets things in stone, and it’s one less unreliable anomaly you have to deal with. You’ll know what your monthly payments are, which will allow you to reference your balance and expense sheets in order to take them into account. The static nature of finance payments can be a major relief for many businesses.

For more information on financing your forestry equipment, we invite you to get in touch with us. Pivotal Capital Corp. recognizes the needs of companies working in major industries, and how crucial it is to have the right financing options on the table. We’ll walk you through the process, lay out your options, and then work hard to tailor them specifically to your company’s size, growth rate and future goals!


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